13th Conference

DATE: June 11-15, 2007

VENUE: Holy Redeemer Retreat House, Eggleston, Commonwealth of Dominica

THEME : “Festschrift for Fr. Michel De Verteuil C.S.Sp.”


List of Papers presented by authors and topics


Boodoo, Gerald

Theology in the Caribbean: Identity and Reality

Johnston, Everard Catholic Teaching on Judaism and the Jewish People since  Vatican II : Theological and Pastoral Implications for the Caribbean Church
Quinlan, Stephen Melchizedek : Priest of ‘El ‘Elyon Royer
Sr. Lorraine Presentation on her two books ‘Eucharist: Source and Summit of our Lives” and “Building Church Together: An Invitation to study and reflection”
Wielzen, Duncan Popular Religiosity, Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue in the Caribbean : the case of Suriname
Perkins, Anna Setting the Agenda – A Caribbean Woman Theologian dialogues with the AEC Statement on HIV/AIDS[The Cheryl Herrera Memorial Lecture]
Walker, Rose-Ann A Literary Challenge to Catholic Identity – The Transformative vision of Wilfred Cartey
Anthony, Patrick An Analysis of John Robert Lee’s CANTICLES in the light of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s THEO-DRAMA
Harris, Joseph The Importance of Habit in the promotion of Canon Law with special reference to the Caribbean (Paper  read by Bernadette Salandy)
Anthony, P., Edinborough, F.,Salandy, B., Wyke, L., Mannette, M.,

Bertrand, G

The Catholic Church and the Bible in the Caribbean : The Contribution of Fr. Michel de Verteuil [The Idris Hamid Memorial Lecture, A Festschrift for Fr. Michel deVerteuil, C.S.Sp.]