7th Conference

Posted by on 14th January, 2000


DATE: January 10-14, 2000

VENUE: Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Trinidad & Tobago.

THEME: “Caribbean Personhood”


Papers presented sorted by authors and topics


Nettleford, Pro. Rex The Caribbean: Land/Sea/People
Gordon, J & Boodoo, G. Globalization and Caribbean Personhood: Anthropological  and Theological Considerations
Johnston, Everard Israel and Identity: Biblical Perspectives on Cultural Identity and Personhood
Scatolini, Sergio In the Footsteps of our Forefathers and Foremothers: Using  Scripture Texts within an overall Pedagogy of Faith in  Suriname.
Regan, E. & Chambers, D Caribbean Research on Gender Issues: A Theological Response
George,M; Brady, D; Herrera, C. United in Suffering : A Pastoral Challenge for the Caribbean
Harvey, C. & Shak-Shie, P. Trickster Love – The Challenge of Anansi
Schade, Martin The Caribbean Person of Song and Dance in a Theology of  Culture:  Riddim of Creation

Research Projects

Sirju, Martin The Hindu Burial Rites – What we can learn from it as Christians
Anthony, Patrick Towards a Kwéyòl Theology : Creole  Linguistic Theory as a Model for the Study of Creolization of Caribbean Religious Experience
Gibbon, Rawle High Mas and Holy Wine : Our Choice of Grace, David  Rudder’s  Theology of Carnival

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