Boodoo, Gerald

Dr. Gerald Boodoo

Dr. Gerald Boodoo

Dr.   Gerald   Boodoo   is   Associate  Professor   of  theology  at Duquesne University’s McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts and Director of the Center for African Studies.He was Associate  Professor of theology and holder of  the DrexeSociety  Professorship   in   Black   Catholic   Studies   at   Xavier University of Louisiana. He received  his  doctorate in Religious Studies   from   the  Catholic  University  of   Louvain,   Leuven, Belgium.Boodoo specializes in theologies of the Third  World with particular emphasis on the Caribbean region.His concerns are to find  appropriate ways to engage theological reflection that allow  for  multiple  and  varied  voices  to  be  heard  as  ways  to enhance contemporary theological endeavor .He has published numerous articles and chapters on theology  in  the  Caribbean  and  is  currently  working  on  texts  that  explore  theology  in  the Caribbean  and  among  Caribbean  immigrants  in  North  America.  Dr.  Boodoo  serves  on  the international committee of the recently formed World Forum on Theology and Liberation,on the executive  board  of  the  Conference  of  Theology  in  the  Caribbean  Today,  on  the  board  of Caribbean Catholics of North America, and has served for six years as convener of the World Church Theology Group of the CatholicTheological Society of America.

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