Idris Hamid

Posted by on 3rd October, 2009

The late Dr. Idris Hamid has been deservedly called “One of the founding fathers of Caribbean Theology.” His publications, In Search of New Perspectives (1971), Troubling of the Waters (1973), Out of the Depths (1977) and A history of the Presbyterian Church in Trinidad, 1868-1968 (1980), heralded the beginning of contextual theology in the region. A Presbyterian minister, he was rector of the St. Andrew’s Theological College in Trinidad, an influential figure in the formation of the Caribbean Conference of Churches and a guiding light of the ecumenical movement in the Caribbean.

The Dr. Idris Hamid Memorial Lecture will be presented as the Conference’s public lecture each year to mark his contribution to theology in the Caribbean

  • It will be related to the local context of that year’s Conference and that year’s theme
  • It will be advertised in the local media prior to the Conference
  • It may have an ecumenical thrust

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