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Posted by on 29th June, 2013

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From: Trudy Eastwood <trudz3@hotmail.co.uk>
Date: 12 June 2013 21:10:38 BST
To: <pabacito@yahoo.com>
Subject: Greetings from the Herrera family

Dear PABA,

This year, the 10th anniversary of Mom’s death, I wanted to make contact with you on behalf of my brothers and sisters to acknowledge the way in which the Theology Conference has honoured our beloved mother through the Cheryl Herrera memorial lecture. We were all surprised and amazed when we first discovered it by chance a few years ago.

I remember when Mom started working at the Pastoral Centre. Her years of working at UWI prep school purely because it suited our school routine, was the sacrifice of a single mother. Working at the Pastoral Centre, it was evident Mom had a new lease of life and purpose.

Without a doubt, Mom  thoroughly enjoyed every dimension of her work at the Centre and appreciated the opportunities and the freedom she was given to spread her wings and bloom. I never heard her complain about any aspect of her work. Rather she always spoke with enthusiasm about this meeting or conference, or that trip or project, or other. She believed in the work of the Centre and all the affiliated groups, ministries, conferences and publications associated with it. In a real sense, she used her work as a vehicle to put her already rooted faith into action.

And it wasn’t just the work Mom enjoyed, but the people she worked with and the friendships she formed. She spoke fondly of both priest and laity, and of course held Fr Michel in the highest regard. As a child, I recall Mom telling us that priests were Christ’s representatives on earth and we must love and treat them as we would Christ. I’d like to think this was your experience of her.

Mom lived her life in readiness to meet her Lord and as far back as i can remember, looked forward to that day – to the extent that she had chosen her funeral songs long before her death! For us, she was “faith alive”. Her every action, her warmth, generosity, wisdom, selflessness and humility bore witness to that faith, and lives in us still.

It is with humble gratitude that we acknowledge and thank you for the way in which you have honoured Mom’s memory and recognised her contribution through the Cheryl Herrera memorial lecture.  Praying the Spirit continues to guide the work of the Caribbean Theology conference,


With warmest regards,

Trudy Herrera-Eastwood

on behalf of Randall, Cheron, Kevin and Leah Herrera


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