Memorial Lectures

On the 3rd June, 2005, during the evaluation meeting of the 12th Conference held in Paramaribo, Suriname the following decisions were taken :

(1) The Cheryl Herrera Memorial Lecture will be included each year in memory of the administrator of the Pastoral Centre in Trinidad and past secretary to the Conference, Mrs. Cheryl Hererra.

* The lecture  may be related to the  theme of the conference that year or it may introduce a separate area of interest or study.

* It may be presented publicly or as part of the Conference agenda.

* It will be presented by a woman.

* Invitations will be sent to various groups and individuals especially for this lecture.

(2) The Dr. Idris Hamid Memorial Lecture will be presented as the Conference’s public lecture each year to mark his contribution to theology in the Caribbean.

* It will be related to the local context of that year’s Conference and that year’s theme.

* It will be advertised in the local media prior to the Conference.

* It may have an ecumenical thrust.

During the 15th Conference on Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today held at St. Michael’s Theological College, Kingston, Jamaica, June 27- July 1, 2011, it was agreed that only ONE of the memorial lectures should be given per conference on an alternating basis. Since the next conference (2013) will have as its theme “Being Woman in the Caribbean Today” it was agreed that the public lecture for that conference will be the Cheryl Herrera Memorial Lecture. The Dr. Idris Hamid Memorial Lecture would be the public lecture for the 2015 conference.