10th Annual Conference

DATE: January 6-10, 2003,

Emmaus Centre,
Trinidad & Tobago

THEME : “Ecclesiology : The Church in the Caribbean Today”


List of Papers presented by authors and topics


Charles, Henry Reviewing Ten Years of Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today
Boodoo, Gerald 

Schreiter, Prof. Robert

Anthony, Patrick

Church in the Caribbean : What Option? 

Catholic Theology in the Caribbean Today: A World Perspective.

Ecclesiology – A Dialogue with Caribbean Literature

Granado, Gerard Caribbean Ecumenism – Prospects and Challenges [Public Lecture]
Harvey, Clyde Caribbean Church – Becoming a Community of Moral Discourse
Jagdeo, Sr. Diane 



Harris, Joseph

The Power of Woman in Caribbean Life: Implications for a Caribbean Ecclesiology 


Church – Fidelity to God’s Dream

Gordon, Jason The Road to Localising Church
Malzaire, Bishop Gabriel A Caribbean Ecclesiology [Public Lecture]
Herrera, C. &  Geofroy, S. Church as Agent of Transformation – Lectio Divina: A Source of Renewal