11th Annual Conference

DATE: January 5-9, 2004

VENUE: Archdiocesan Pastoral Centre, Trinidad & Tobago.

THEME: “The Church Part II”


List of Papers presented by authors and topics


Wyke, Linda Cheryl Herrera’s – R.I.P.
Wyke, Linda Fr. Michel’s Contribution to the Local Church
Sirju, Martin The Role of Prophecy in the Local Church
Boodoo, Gerald


Tang Choon, Gerard



Johnston, Everard

Geofroy, Stephen

Grace and Dislocation


A comparison between the traditional and contemporary wisdom in Trinidad and Tobago


Towards a Biblical Ecclesiology for the Caribbean

Report of Recent Studies

Schade, Martin

Francis, Michel

Grace and the Sacraments of the Church

Funeral Liturgies

Anthony, Patrick The Challenge of Secularism to Catholic Identity in St. Lucia